Japanese Chef

Takeshi Moriyama

Takeshi Moriyama is a chef of traditional Japanese cuisine. He is a man of gentle speech like a clergyman, and an athlete with an inner passion.

–About Takeshi Moriyama–
Takeshi Moriyama is a chef of traditional Japanese cuisine.
He is a man of gentle speech like a clergyman, and an athlete with an inner passion.
What is his background as a chef?
When I was a child, my mother had a tempura restaurant. So cooking was very close to me.
When I was in high school, I was really into boxing. When I graduated from high school, I thought about becoming a chef, so I enrolled in a culinary school.
He eventually graduated from culinary school and began his career at a famous Japanese restaurant.
After working under his master for several years, he retired due to his master’s advanced age.
After leaving the first restaurant, he continued his career as a chef, working in Japanese restaurants and helping to establish a Japanese restaurant in a luxury hotel in a foreign capital.
He also served as chief chef at the embassy of a certain country in Japan.
Speaking about his time as chef at the embassy, he said, “I had a really good experience when I was working at the embassy.
Working at the embassy was a really good experience. I tried all kinds of cooking methods and increased my knowledge, and I tried all kinds of cuisines from all over the world.
This experience is reflected in his cooking.

My cooking is based on Japanese cuisine. I believe that Japanese cuisine is about how much you can bring out the flavor of the ingredients.
He uses a variety of ingredients in the best possible way.
However, the most important thing for He is not only the preparation of food.
I have been working as a chef facing customers at the counter for a long time. What I have come to think is how important it is to make people happy.
He adds, “I work hard to create, so I work hard to eat.
I work hard to create, and I want people to work hard to eat.
Through his research, he communicates with his customers.
His dishes are filled with messages.

There are many delicious cuisines all over the world.
What he considers to be the characteristics of Japanese cuisine?
I think it is based on the Japanese people’s inquisitiveness and delicacy of taste.
The Japanese people’s inquisitiveness and delicacy of taste are at the root of Japanese cuisine,” He says.
A disposition to pay close attention to the slightest difference in taste.
Japanese food has a unique salt concentration that is perceived as delicious.
Even in contemporary Japan, the culture surrounding food is highly individualistic.
In Japan, you can find food from every country and region. And all of them are of a very high level.
From now on, I would like to sell the taste that I have been able to brush up on because I am Japanese to foreign customers through zipang port.
He continues to evolve based on traditional Japanese cuisine.