Sushi Chef

Satoru Makita

Makita Satoru is a unique chef who calls himself a wizard. The next person who wants to share Satoru’s joyful cooking with their loved ones may be you.

Makita Satoru is a unique chef who calls himself a wizard.
He says, “I have been standing in the kitchen helping out since I was a child of about three years old.
Despite many failures, he spent his childhood teaching himself how to cook.
He says, “Many failures taught me that if you just avoid those failures, your food will taste better.”
Eventually he graduated from culinary school and began working in the restaurants of a top hotel.
However, the experience there did not hold much interest for him.
Once he left the culinary world, he began working as a private chef for closed dinners with prominent figures in the political and business world.
The people who ate his food there recognized his cooking and were very pleased with it.
This experience gave he confidence as a chef.
He began working not as a restaurant chef, but as a traveling chef.

–His cuisine is characterized–
Himself is sensitive to unnatural substances such as food additives and pesticide residues, so all of his dishes are made without food additives or ingredients that have been subjected to pesticides during the growing process.
He is also an exceptionally knowledgeable chef, having researched many research papers on the relationship between the human body and the ingredients in food.
He is able to prepare and serve foods that are necessary for conditioning the body, while catering to the food preferences of his clients.
This vast knowledge of food and his techniques are the reason why he describes himself as a wizard.
The wizard was originally a kind of doctor with a knowledge of medicinal herbs.
What a client wants to eat is an indication of what his or her body needs,” he says. It is important to understand the signs,” he says.

–The Joy of Being a Chef–
He talks about when he feels the most joy as a chef.
His philosophy as a chef is one of great joy.
When people eat my food and are pleased with the taste,” he said. When someone says they want to share their food with someone they care about and with me as a chef, that gives me the greatest joy. He says he feels great joy when his food is valued.
In fact, among the many wealthy people who have had all kinds of wonderful experiences, His skills as a chef are recognized as something they want to share with their loved ones.

He is still young and the speed at which his skills, knowledge, and experience are growing is phenomenal.
Although he has only been cooking as his own independent business for a few years, there are many surprising names on his client list.
But his style is very altruistic.
Japan has a much worse rate of permitted food additives, overall national cavity and gum disease rates, and suicide rates among the population than other parts of the world,” he says. I believe that this is a problem with the food part of the population, which is at the root of our health.”
He prepares his dishes based on his clients’ requests and with his vast knowledge of nutrition and herbalism.
And those who eat his food and receive his dietary advice experience an improvement in their health.
I believe that as much as people are pleased with my food, it brings me joy back to them.”
The next person who wants to share his joyful cooking with their loved ones may be you.